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What is a tennis ladder?

A tennis ladder is an ordering structure for a group of tennis players. Order, or place on the ladder, is determined through wins and losses against other players on the ladder. is a web site designed to facilitate the sharing of information among tennis players. Currently, its scope is limited to residents of the Triangle Region and adjacent areas within North Carolina. However, plans are being made to expand its services in the future.

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Congratulations to our 2013 Late / 2014 Early Season Leaders!

Points Ranking Leader: Mark Muleta
Runner Up: Jin Lee

Traditional Ranking Leader: Jin Lee
Runner up: Patrick Litterst

Points Ranking Leader: Aniko Redman
Runner Up: Betsy Shane

Traditional Ranking Leader: Aniko Redman
Runner up: Betsy Shane


What's New?

2014 Late Season Ladder
From Jul 1 - Dec 31

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Ladder Stats

# of Men's Singles: 191
# of Men's Doubles: 79
# of Women's Singles: 36
# of Women's Doubles: 15

# of Mixed Doubles: 82

# of matches played: 198

Previous Seasons Results

Last updated on
July 01, 2014