Men's Champions Cup Ranking

The Champions Cup ranking is derived from the three existing rankings (Points, Qualitative, Traditional).
The current formula is (0.1 * Points + 0.5 * Qualitative - 0.4 * Traditional) for players with 5 or more matches on the ladder.
Only the top 8 players will advance to the season championship playoffs.
1Dan Sarisky100.28
2Mike Carter81.66
3Amit Chandok79.96
4Mark Muleta79.85
5Stuart Sanders45.68
6Kevin Van Sant42.04
7Jin Lee39.28
8Jason Liss35.83
9Boyd Blackburn34.88
11Arun Ganesh29.66
12David Marquette28.86
13Greg Fitts28.70
14Dave Kiefer21.52
15Brian D. Moran21.05
16Patrick Litterst13.91
17Bob Crane11.79
18Ace Matlock11.60
19Jess Geller4.34
20George Telford2.99
21Javier Pabon-4.58
22Craig Radley-55.35
23Serge Rib-57.02