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How to find a doubles match. Find a court
How to set your preferred playing location?  

How to get a doubles match.

If you recall, when joining the ladder, you had the option to select doubles as part of the ladders to join. Currently, we have 26 guys interested in Mens Doubles, 4 ladies gung ho for Ladies Doubles and 28 folks interested in Mixed Doubles. So you're interested in playing doubles, how do you go about it?

Like challenging for a singles match go to the challenge page (for this purpose we'll use the standard challenge page where players are sorted by name and not the quality ranking challenge page where players are sorted by their quality ranking). Once you're there, click the type the doubles button for the match you wish to play. For the purposes of this exercise, let's assume I'm looking for a Mens Doubles match. Fill in the basic info such as match date/time/location. Don't forget to filter your results to the towns you are willing to play the match at.

Once you've done that, you should see a list of players in the boxes below. For the moment let's focus on the one with the text above that states: Select the players you wish to partner with. Here I can select one to all the players listed in the box (use the Ctrl key to select multiple items). If you already have a partner lined up who isn't on the ladder, choose the Other person not on the ladder option (and then proceed to selecting opponents). If you normally play with a set partner and don't wish to play with a different partner, you can select this person and then move on to selecting opponents. If you're open to partnering with anyone, select the various names of folks you would be interested in partnering with.

Now that you have your partner situation squared away, the next step is to select the opponents. Like in the partner section you can choose from 2 to all of the available opponents (you can send a challenge and partner request to the same person). Once that has been done, you can then click the Issue Challenge button to send the challenge.

What happens after that? Well, the folks who you've asked to partner with will receive an email requesting them to click a link to accept the partner request (first one to respond is your partner). See email below:

Chris Lee has requested that you partner with them in playing a doubles match
The following partner request has been sent to 2 player/s.
For: Wed September 13th test
At: test
Additional Comments: this is a test..ignore it
This message may have been sent to other players so it is recommended that you click the link
below to accept the challenge before someone beats you to it.
Happy Hitting!


For the challengers, they receive an email (see below) that asks them to accept the challenge as a single player or as a team. Team??? Well, let's say that Dirk and I were interested in playing a match and we sent out a challenge to folks. Hayes gets the challenge and knows that He and Hugh will be available to lose to us. In this case, he can click the team response link and the challenge will have been filled. If he doesn't know about Hugh but know that he is available and doesn't care who he plays with, he will respond as a single player. Note: do not respond as a team unless you are certain that you will have a partner lined up and confirmed for the match. Team responses have higher priorities than single response such that a person before Hayes could have responded to the challenge as a single player. He has a slot but can be bumped out if Hayes responds as a team (thus ensuring enough folks to field the match). To help explain things conceptually, here is a copy of a challenge that is sent out.

You have been issued a doubles tennis challenge by: Chris Lee
This challenge has been sent to 2 player/s.
For: Wed September 13th test
At: test
Additional Comments: this is a test..ignore it

*(Please read and follow carefully)*
Since this is a doubles challenge, you have the following response options: individual or team. Note: a team response will take a higher priority over a single response as it will expedite the formation of a match. So, you may want to contact a potential partner on your side of things and then respond as a team. Don't respond as a team if you are unsure about your partner's availablity as that locks out valid teams/players from accepting.
To respond as an individual: This is the response if you don't have a confirmed partner lined up

To respond as a team (you have someone that has agreed to play this match teamed up with you against the challenger and his/her partner):
Happy Hitting!

How to find a court.

For all you folks who are new to the area, you probably don't know the lay of hte land of where available courts are. The Tennis Court Locator is a map of local tennis courts listed by city. Each court on the map is represented by a tennis ball on the map. You can click the tennis ball to find information, including driving directions on that particular park/club. You can also rate a court and leave comments regarding the park/club. The link to map can be found to your left called Tennis Court Locator under the Area Tools. The exact address is:

Feel free to add courts that you know of that aren't listed. If you see anything that needs correcting, please let me know.

How to edit your playing locations .

With more folks being added from all over the Triangle, it's becoming important to be able to find the correct persons for a challenge. That is why, I recommend folks go in and edit their preferred playing cities. Doing so, will allow your name to pop up when folks are looking to find a match in their area (and more importantly exclude the folks who are not signed up for a particular area). For example, when I send out my challenges, I tend to select Durham, Hillsborough, and Roxbor for any weekend matches and Durham, Chapel Hill or Hillsborough for weekday matches from the challenge page. It is strongly suggested that folks on the ladder, select at least one area that they prefer to play in. Otherwise, your name will not come up when others select a location and thus will have less match opportunities.

To edit your playing locations go to the edit page at: (note: you will need to logon before you can edit your information)

In the preferred locations sections, be sure to put a check in the boxes where you would be able to play a match in. You can put a check in all the boxes if you wish. In the future, I may edit the challenges pages where it will not show all the participants until the person doing the challenge has selected at least one location. So, it will be even more important to set your preferred playing locations. Be sure to click the "Update My Information!" button at the bottom of the page (otherwise your changes will not be saved).