Men's Singles Ladder Ranking

---Champions Cup Rankings-----
Points Ranking
Ranking determined by points gained from matches played
  Lifetime Qualitative Ranking
Ranking determined by quality of opponents won/loss to (must have played one match for your ranking to be listed). This ranking is cumulative and is not reset at the end of each ladder. Benchmark ratings: 2.0 = 0 pts, 2.5 = 10 pts, 3.0 = 20 pts, 3.5 = 30 pts, 4.0 = 40 pts, 4.5 = 50 pts
  Traditional Ranking
Ranking determined by match winners either maintaining their spot on the ladder or jumping one up on the person that they beat who was above them in the standings.
1Amit Chandok14-6362
2George 14-3342
3Kevin Van Sant11-1271
4Brian D. Moran11-6264
5Mark Muleta9-5262
6Bob Crane7-7201
7Stuart Sanders6-0130
8Jason Liss4-2117
9Tee Bahnson4-097
10Greg Fitts2-595
11Joe Smith2-595
12Curtis Connor2-681
13Ace Matlock1-660
14James Crane2-242
15Patrick Litterst0-537
16Jeff Johnson1-133
17John Stonestreet0-110
18George Telford0-15
19Abdullah Masood0-00
19Adam Gaeddert0-00
19Alex Dadok0-00
19Andrew Pham0-00
19Avinash Dongare0-00
19BH Baek0-00
19Bob Robinson0-00
19Bryan Lowrance0-00
19Cam Lai0-00
19Carleton Coleman0-00
19Carlos Modenesi0-00
19Chris Arena0-00
19Cory Liverman0-00
19Garett T0-00
19James Tubbs0-00
19Jason Tong0-00
19Javier Pabon0-00
19Jess Geller0-00
19jie chen0-00
19Jin Lee0-00
19John Proctor0-00
19jyler noviello0-00
19Kapil Makhija0-00
19keith benson0-00
19Mark W. Hornburg0-00
19Mike Wheaton0-00
19Nicholas Ballew0-00
19Noah Chanmala0-00
19Rajat Khanna0-00
19Ron Bodkin0-00
19Ron Greco0-00
19Sam Royall0-00
19Sebastien Rouzier0-00
19Sumit Gangwal0-00
19Vic Poole0-00
19Will Bisanar0-00
19Zach Giles0-00
19Zach Hearon0-00
19Zhancheng Zhang0-00
1Kevin Van Sant72-1852.33
2Stuart Sanders21-550.80
3Tee Bahnson4-050.39
4Mark Muleta200-6944.44
5Jess Geller40-3843.49
6Amit Chandok41-1943.39
7Jason Liss4-242.59
8John Stonestreet14-3842.00
9George 89-3440.79
10Brian D. Moran127-6239.08
11Greg Fitts48-9536.70
12Jeff Johnson14-1335.20
13Joe Smith26-3133.28
14Javier Pabon15-2733.21
15Mark W. Hornburg12-1531.87
16Jin Lee27-5230.32
17James Crane20-4528.25
18Curtis Connor2-627.69
19Ace Matlock4-1927.41
20Bob Crane185-10426.58
21Patrick Litterst3-723.61
22Zhancheng Zhang1-223.13
23Nicholas Ballew3-522.22
24George Telford2-420.71
1Amit Chandok14-6
2Mark Muleta9-5
3Joe Smith2-5
4Stuart Sanders6-0
5George 14-3
6Kevin Van Sant11-1
7Brian D. Moran11-6
8Jason Liss4-2
9Greg Fitts2-5
10Tee Bahnson4-0
11Ace Matlock1-6
12Bob Crane7-7
13Patrick Litterst0-5
14Curtis Connor2-6
15Jeff Johnson1-1
16Jess Geller0-0
17James Crane2-2
18Jin Lee0-0
19John Stonestreet0-1
20Javier Pabon0-0
21Mark W. Hornburg0-0
22George Telford0-1
23Zhancheng Zhang0-0
24Nicholas Ballew0-0
25Bob Robinson0-0
26Will Bisanar0-0
27Alex Dadok0-0
28jie chen0-0
29Zach Giles0-0
31Sumit Gangwal0-0
32Chris Arena0-0
33James Tubbs0-0
34Cory Liverman0-0
35jyler noviello0-0
36Zach Hearon0-0
37John Proctor0-0
39Ron Bodkin0-0
40keith benson0-0
42Kapil Makhija0-0
45Ron Greco0-0
46Noah Chanmala0-0
49Adam Gaeddert0-0
50Mike Wheaton0-0
51Cam Lai0-0
52Bryan Lowrance0-0
53Avinash Dongare0-0
54Rajat Khanna0-0
55Sam Royall0-0
56Andrew Pham0-0
57BH Baek0-0
58Carlos Modenesi0-0
59Sebastien Rouzier0-0
61Vic Poole0-0
62Jason Tong0-0
63Garett T0-0
64Carleton Coleman0-0
65Abdullah Masood0-0