Women's Singles Ladder Ranking

Points Ranking
Ranking determined by points gained from matches played
  Qualitative Ranking
Ranking determined by quality of opponents won/loss to (must have played one match for your ranking to be listed). This ranking is cumulative and is not reset at the end of each ladder. Benchmark ratings: 2.0 = 0 pts, 2.5 = 10 pts, 3.0 = 20 pts, 3.5 = 30 pts, 4.0 = 40 pts, 4.5 = 50 pts
  Traditional Ranking
Ranking determined by match winners either maintaing their spot on the ladder or jumping one up one the person that they beat who was above them in the standings.
2Silvina Tondini0-00
3Sandra DeMaria0-00
4Kate Hagborg0-00
6Christa McGill0-00
7Sonia D0-00
8Lissette Saavedra0-00
9Elaine Yang0-00
10Barbara Duffy0-00
11Assuntah Phyllis0-00
12Sarah Milford-Beland0-00
RankEntry Win-LossPoints
RankEntry Win-Loss
2Silvina Tondini0-0
3Elaine Yang0-0
4Sarah Milford-Beland0-0
5Sonia D0-0
6Barbara Duffy0-0
7Lissette Saavedra0-0
8Sandra DeMaria0-0
10Assuntah Phyllis0-0
11Christa McGill0-0
12Kate Hagborg0-0